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Hi, I’m Patti and I love to travel.

Welcome to my website, which is basically parts of my personal photo albums from various adventures I’ve had TRAVELN2 here and there. Through my photos (please don’t expect professional quality here) and notes, I invite you to join me as I experience not only exotic destinations but magnificent sites closer to home.

Although the original concept for this site was to be able to share my activities with my friends & family while I was on the road, which would mainly focus on travel, it grew to periodically include just some fun times I’ve had right here at home.  After all, having good times with your friends and family can also be an adventure. Through my photos, you will meet my family & friends; my goddaughters, and nieces & nephews who brighten my life and keep me young at heart, to my good friend Marilyn from California, who like me is a widow. We meet up several times a year to seek out new destinations.

So, pick your adventure, either by number or thumbnail photo and take a journey through my photos.

Remember to check back to see my newest escapade.  The numbers will remain the same but the event or destination may change.

Here’s to traveling and living each day to the fullest.